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How We Do Optimization?


Choosing the right Hosting provider is an essential part of our website optimization process. We rely on the most reliable and high-performing VPS Hosting providers for all our Websites. We do manage our servers to ensure that your website will remains accessible and safe at all times.


Content delivery network (CDN) is a geographically distributed servers that will work together to provide fast delivery of your static content based on visitor’ location. CDN is especially important if you cares about the global audience and it will significantly improve your website speed and performance.

SSl Certificate

SSL Certificate is a small data file that digitally bind a cryptographic key to your website details to achieve an encrypted connection between the browsers and server. Applying an SSL will improve your website security, increased Google rankings and will indicate your visitors that your site is secure.

Reduce HTTP Requests

Each elements in your site such as images, scripts, CSS, etc, is considered an HTTP request. The more requests will be made, the slower your site will load. We will remove all the unnecessarily requests and keep only the required ones to render your website.

Mobile-First Design

Unlike the responsive design, Mobile first design is a strategy that means when we create a website, we start designing the smallest screen first and scales up to the larger screens. It’s about delivering the right user experience to the right device.

Clean Code

We double checking each function, each class, each module to make sure its clean, high quality, duplication free, fully organized. We Runs all the required tests during the “prototyping process” to ensure that everything is working properly.

Image Optimization

On an average, Images are account for around 65% of a website size. Optimizing the images is a process of decreasing its size without losing the scale or quality. This process will greatly affect your site performance.

Merge Scripts

Basically, websites are constructed of code files such HTML, JavaScript and Style-sheets. Combining these files into one file as possible will reduces the number of HTTP requests, and therefore improves page load times.

WebFont Performance

The misuse of web fonts can significantly affect your site performance. We will take care of optimizing the use and choosing between delivery methods, such as serving from a Third-party like Adobe Typekit, Google WebFonts or Hosting locally.

Cache System

Building a cache system is crucial for every website. We build a cache system for both Server-Side and user’ browsers. Leveraging the cache will reduce the server load, bandwidth usage, latency and will increase the overall website performance.

What We Do?

Server Optimization
Gzip Compression
Server Cache (Varnish, Memcached, Redis)
Secure Login
Enable Firewall
Enable SSL
Tuning Web Server (Apache, Nginx, OpenLiteSpeed)
Site Optimization
TTFB (Time to First Byte)
Install SSL Certificate (Let's Encrypt, CloudFlare)
Reduce DNS lookup time
Reduce HTTP requests
Image Optimization (Compress , Resize)
Lazy Load Images
Browser Cache
Scripts Optimization (Minify, Merge, Defer)
Enable HTTP/2
Database Optimization
Web Font Optimization
Remove 301 Redirects
CDN Implementation

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